“Techno Matic Solutions” With offices in INDIA and USA, “Techno Matic Solutions” has been providing Internet and software solutions for small and large businesses alike since 2011. With unparalleled expertise, personalized customer service and cutting edge solutions, “Techno Matic Solutions” is focused on the delivery of business-driven Internet solutions and an excellent client experience. Our services are driven from direct client feedback and changing market forces. Our goal is to offer the best value for business-driven Internet development.

With most of our team-holding graduate degrees and post-graduate degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering, we count Business Consultants, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Computer Programmers, Expert Writing, Network Administrators, database administrators, and multimedia designers as valued contributors to our team

Contact us today for a no-pressure assessment of your Internet development needs. Our account executives are here to assist you in evaluating, planning and managing your software development needs, not to simply sell you our services. Our goal is to form a partnership with each customer to make certain we are successful together

Our Mission

“Techno Matic Solutions” strives to ensure that our worldwide clientele receive only the very best in Quality, Service, Innovation & Creativity within our domain of work. With cutting edge technology and Customer Reliability we share the very best transparency with customers and ensure their value for both time and money.

Our Vision

“Techno Matic Solutions” being the brain child of young Entrepreneurs based in Kolkata we envision an exciting future for our Company. We continue our journey towards the Holy Grail of Perfection, Innovation, Globalization & with a vision to bring about a revolution in the Technological World. We are always aware of this journey and we strive towards our goal with undiminished zeal.

Our Team

Carla Caldwell   /   USA Branch Manager
Rod Drury   /   Technical Support Manager
Ross Jenkins   /   USA Branch Support Manager